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Liquidlogic First Social Care IT Supplier to Reach Milestone for Hospital Integration

NHS Digital has funded six local authorities to implement integration with hospital systems to support real time exchange of hospital admission and discharge notifications. Four of the six local authorities are Liquidlogic customers - Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Rotherham and Wirral Councils. The interface uses NHS Digital’s ‘message exchange for social care and health’ (MESH), which utilises the new ‘Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources’ (FHIR) message standards.

NHS Digital has confirmed that Liquidlogic has successfully completed the technical requirements within NHS Digital’s Target Operating Model (TOM), including the testing and assurance of the integration messages being exchanged. This enables Liquidlogic to commence the deployment into test of FHIR integration functionality for the four customers who have been funded by NHS Digital; each of which will exchange messages with their corresponding hospital system.

Rob Davis, who led this work at Liquidlogic, comments: “This provides a standard format for the receipt of information from hospital systems directly into Liquidlogic. It will help to address bed blocking by enabling information to flow in real time, eliminating re-keying and providing a clear audit trail. We are delighted to have worked with NHS Digital to be the first social care supplier to reach this milestone.”