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Liquidlogic Delegation Portal Put to the Test

The Delegation Portal supports Councils to collect online contributions from external professionals for assessments and plans without the need to provide direct access to the case management system. Through the Delegation Portal, social workers can delegate forms or parts of forms to external professionals from the Liquidlogic case management system.  Contributions from external professionals are dynamically added to the form, which includes a full audit trail of the contribution source and date. 

The Delegation Portal is intuitive and requires no specialist training or access to the Council network. There is also a clear audit trail of multi-agency contributions.

St Helens Council implemented the Liquidlogic Adults’ Delegation Portal in 2018 and is continuing to exploit the functionality to help vulnerable adults. Mike Roberts, Systems Development Service Manager from St Helens Council explains:

“The Delegation Portal allows your Adult Social Care teams to work with partner organisations without the need to give them access to the Liquidlogic Case Management System (LAS). Any professionals, voluntary organisations, and agencies can contribute to any assessment form or document you chose.

In St Helens we have leveraged this to create an agile referral mechanism for partners in our local care system, the award-winning ‘St Helens’ Cares’, and hope to extend this further to non-partner agencies.

With very little work from a systems point of view, the Liquidlogic Delegation Portal allows you to deploy forms and data securely to any other professional. As a relevant example in response to the needs of the Covid-19 crisis, in the space of a few hours, we have created a new secure referral mechanism around families in need of support while ‘self-isolating’. Subsequently, this has been successfully deployed not only the business process in the Liquidlogic Adults’ System (LAS) but had referrals securely reaching the new voluntary service.”

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