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Liquidlogic Children's Social Care System Software (LCS)

The Liquidlogic Children's Social Care System (LCS) supports all aspects of social work with children and has been specifically developed by and for practitioners to allow case management and record keeping for children in need, looked after children, adoption and child protection cases, as quickly and simply as possible.

A key focus in the development of Liquidlogic technology is flexibility and functionality is in place to enable local authorities to tailor forms and workflow to local requirements, in what is a constantly changing and fast-moving environment.

Not simply an electronic social care record, the LCS system can aid practitioners’ professional judgement by helping to make connections within a case, which may not otherwise be so apparent.

Designed like a website, so that users immediately feel at ease, our LCS software intuitively guides users through a case and the system reacts dynamically to information that it is given.

The design philosophy of all Liquidlogic systems is that information is only entered once but the system ensures that it appears in the correct context, wherever else it is needed. Access to existing information within a case about a child, their relatives, or other professionals is never more than a click away.

Family working is central to the system which uses innovative technology to support recording for groups of people whilst maintaining individual records. In addition, the finance module enables true costs associated with a child and family to be understood and managed.

Over 80 local authority customers are using the same core Liquidlogic Children's Social Care System, however, each has differences in their forms and processes, thanks to the flexible nature of the system that enables customer defined configuration to match local methods of working.

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