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EYES Portals

Liquidlogic EYES Portals include:

Smartphones, tablets, and PCs are used to request services, provide information, and support users in communicating as they need to.

Liquidlogic understands that local authorities need to forge and maintain strong relationships with schools and can help with this by enabling the secure sharing of data through portals, making life easier for professionals.

Users are able to upload documents to the portals to contribute to a case. Examples of this include a drawing for the ‘All about me’ section of an EHCP, professional advice from a health worker, photographs for a travel pass, or a birth certificate for a faith school place. Access to the portal is not limited solely to parents. Commercial organisations are able to use the portals to support online entertainment and work permit applications.

A key feature of the Liquidlogic school portal is the ability for own admission authority schools to rank bulk applications. The most obvious benefit being the speeding up of this process and the removal of spreadsheets and manual practice.

Admissions applications can be passed over to schools via the portal to inform them of applications being made, allocation statuses, a child’s current school or early years provision, and more.

Schools can also view their cohorts of leavers and check on the progress of the expected applications. This allows them to contact their parents to chase up applications to the next school phase if desired.

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