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Early Help Module (EHM)

The Liquidlogic Early Help Module (EHM) is a complete solution designed to act as a general case management tool for children outside of social care. It can operate as a standalone solution, but is more commonly used in conjunction with the Liquidlogic Children’s Social Care system with which it shares a database. It is also routinely used by professionals from a range of services both within and outside of local authorities.

Early Help is an essential part of safeguarding children and young people within their family. This was highlighted in the Munro review, which stated that "preventative services do more to reduce abuse and neglect than reactive services".

A common criticism of local authorities from Ofsted is that often, not enough emphasis is placed on proactively working with other agencies, to ensure that a child does not become the subject of more formal social services intervention. The Liquidlogic EHM supports councils to work with other agencies in a simple, intuitive manner and is usually used by professionals from a range of services

The Liquidlogic EHM provides the following: