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Liquidlogic started out in 2000 with just a handful of staff and the majority of our original team are still here today!

Here, some of our team explain what it’s really like to work at Liquidlogic and how they came to be part of the company.

Angela Robertson


Children's Senior Product Analyst

After completing a Psychology degree, I wasn’t quite sure which direction to go in and ended up doing some volunteering with the Youth Offending Service.

It was hard seeing so many young people who needed more holistic support than we could offer, and my manager suggested completing a Social Work Masters.

After qualifying, I worked in a Local Authority Social Work team offering support to children, young people and their families throughout the spectrum of needs. The Local Authority I worked for was looking for a new IT System and not many other Social Workers were interested in being involved with the system choice, design and implementation. I was a bit ‘techie’ and someone thought I would be able to help.  After that, I didn’t look back and decided to move into the world of social care IT systems.

It was a steep learning curve to begin with, but I have enjoyed learning some of the more technical aspects of the job and helping users within Local Authorities to solve issues and make the most of the system they use. I have loved working with Councils and practitioners over the years trying to translate their needs into a really useful social work tool, which helps them with their job day-to-day and gets them out from behind a screen and working directly with families.

I was excited about joining Liquidlogic and being at the cutting edge of development for case management solutions. As a Social Worker I enjoy the challenges that the job presents on a daily basis, as well as working as part of the team. My social work experience and qualifications are still put to good use in my Senior Product Analyst role here, Liquidlogic is a very supportive company and there are many opportunities to progress and grow into and beyond your role.

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Image of Kevin Sencherey


Service Desk Support Analyst

Having worked in the Hospitality, Manufacturing, Energy and IT Industries, I can categorically say without a shadow of a doubt that Liquidlogic is the friendliest place I have ever worked since leaving university.

Not only is the salary and benefits package extremely competitive, Liquidlogic also provides exceptional career progression with personal development high on the agenda by way of well-structured training programmes, offering tremendous support to all those wishing to transition from one team to another. My colleagues at Liquidlogic are all incredibly friendly and approachable, with each person always willing to help if needs be.

I am privileged to be working in the Service Desk Team with a group of lovely people, who go out of their way to help newbies like myself settle in very quickly. No two days of my eleven months here at Liquidlogic have been the same, with each day presenting new challenges and opportunities to learn new things.

Everybody, regardless of position here, is brilliant and that’s what makes Liquidlogic a fantastic place to work.

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blonde female wearing a red top


Project Manager

I initially studied Crime and investigation at Teesside University and completed a part-time course in Level 3 Youth Work as well as a few similar qualifications. To keep me afloat at university I had a couple of part-time jobs as a Youth Work Lead and also Duke of Edinburgh leader.

In 2013 I qualified with a 2:1 and progressed on to full time work as a Support Worker for a young carers charity. This role lead on to my becoming an Education Worker supporting a school with other young carers, whilst continuing my Duke of Edinburgh role. Through hard work and experience gained in this job, I then moved on to becoming a Therapeutic Family Intervention Worker, where I used the Achieving Sustainable Change (ASC) model, Solihull Approach and Signs of Safety in Early Help Services. In this job I gained vital skills and knowledge in Social Care and Early Help Services. As my role evolved, I managed crisis, helped shape a new early help front door service, implemented a new early intervention process by training/mentored staff, I was a Capita Super User and became a Solihull Trainer.

I then moved on to become a Systems Trainer in a local authority, which eventually lead me to applying for a role as a Systems Trainer and Consultant at Liquidlogic. Within days of joining the company I learned more about social care practice than I ever thought possible and through hard work, determination and resilience, I was recently promoted to Project Manager.

One thing I love about Liquidlogic is that we all work as a team and when support is needed everyone is happy to jump in and help. Everybody is very friendly and there are some great personalities to work alongside. For me this is a company where you can really find your feet and maximise your potential, whether it’s within the role you start with, or if you want to expand into other areas, you’ll find support and encouragement available to you at every turn.

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Service Desk Team Leader

Growing up, I was always the support within my family for anything technical - programming the VCR, setting up our first computer etc. Naturally, this led me into the obvious first job, selling tickets at a cinema.

I loved my time there and saw so many free films, but it wasn’t going to fulfil my passion as a long-term career.

My first step into a technical role was phone support for a local ISP. This really developed my skills for troubleshooting and taught me more about professionalism and working as part of a larger corporation. The work was monotonous, and I could do it blindfolded with one arm behind my back, I needed more of a challenge. After a couple of stepping-stone roles that moved me to Leeds and developed more varied skills, I finally landed on my feet at Liquidlogic.

The work here is challenging and there are new opportunities for learning each day, but these come with a satisfaction from overcoming them. No two days are the same and 3 years in, I’ve still not stopped learning. The people within the company are a great pool of knowledge and there’s a real team spirit that I’ve not found at other companies, even companies smaller than Liquidlogic don’t feel as much of a family as we are here.

Little things that make the difference such as sausage sandwiches or ice creams each week, amazing Christmas parties and even a sports day, all show that the company really does care about us and keep the workplace fun. I never have that feeling of dread waking up to go into work. I know there will be new challenges, friendly faces and plenty of support with whatever work comes my way.

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man with a beard dressed smart, smiling, in front of a white background


Project Manager

After achieving ‘okay’ results in my GCSEs I started working at Tesco, stacking shelves, cleaning shelves, generally working with shelves. From Tesco I went to Capita and spent 13 years there.

During which time I worked on many different contracts and roles. These included Customer Service Advisor, Sales Agent, Team Leader and Training Officer. Deciding that I didn’t want call centre work to define me, I left for a fresh challenge…in another call centre. The contract was for a Housing Authority and little did I know this was the start of my journey to Liquidlogic.

I worked through the ranks in my new role at the Housing Authority and found myself as an Out of Hours Team Leader on a new contract providing out of hours support for local authorities. Nights took their toll, so I applied for a job at Rotherham Council to be their Training Officer for the implementation of the new Liquidlogic Adults’ Social Care System (LAS). Having no experience in social care, I was pleasantly shocked when I was offered the position.

I then saw a vacancy on the Liquidlogic website. I applied and the rest as they say is history!

Working on the implementation process and dealing with Liquidlogic really opened my eyes, it was clear from the interview and staff that this is a company with real values and one that I wanted to be involved with.

I started out with Liquidlogic as a Trainer, delivering product training during the implementation process and then onto end user training in preparation for go live. I then went on to work in the Adults' Team as a Product Analyst, which allowed me to delve further into the workings of Liquidlogic and opened my eyes to so much more. Most recently, I progressed to the role of Project Manager, working directly with customers to implement systems, I do feel like I am making a difference!

It has been a whirlwind couple of years and my initial impression of Liquidlogic was correct. This is a company that rewards hard work and looks to provide opportunities for development. My previous employers promised much and delivered little, that’s certainly not the case here!

The most enjoyable part of working here is the people: like-minded people who want to work hard and get results, but at the same time enjoy the time they spend in work. I’m grateful I was given a chance as I have no formal qualifications, but I have the right attitude and that goes a long way. Liquidlogic recognised that and I have made a massive leap personally and professionally because of it.

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After my GCSEs and A Levels, I decided to go out into the big wide world instead of University. I worked for Halifax PLC for 19 years and spent time in a variety of roles and departments learning new and different skills, including being a Trainee Test Analyst.

I’d been in testing for just over 5 years and was in the position of Senior Test Lead managing multiple UAT teams so had lots of responsibility. My daughter was 8 months old and I decided it was time for a change, to enjoy a better work/life balance and spend more time with her and my family.

A recruitment agent introduced me to Liquidlogic and sent me details of a vacancy. It appealed to me because it sounded like a really rewarding job - the systems that I would be testing help both Children and Adults in need. I also liked the little personal touches on offer like Social Sarnies, which show management care about staff. Within less than two weeks my CV had been sent, I was invited for an interview and then offered the position, I started my role in April 2018.

On joining the company, I moved into the Children’s Team as a Software Tester where I get to test the Liquidlogic Children’s Social Care System (LCS) and Early Help Module (EHM). Every day is different, as you can be testing so many different parts of the system.

Joining Liquidlogic was the right move to make. I really enjoy working here, the staff and management are both awesome and it has a real family feel! It’s also great that flexible working is available. This means I get to spend more time with my family and get to my martial arts training where I am now a Black Belt. It is also extremely rewarding knowing the system we provide helps people.

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man with a beard with a body warmer


Test Team Leader

I beat a well-worn path into my initial role at Liquidlogic as QA & Test Consultant via, erm, a Journalism degree! Those years of expensive education somewhat underused, except when I’m asked to write a bit about myself for the company website.

Outside of work I’m a dad, a music bore and a bit of a tech geek. I manage to combine all three by dancing around the living room with the kids playing music streaming from my NAS over my home network. Occasionally, I get to drink beer, watch rugby and go to gigs.

I arrived at Liquidlogic following 10 years in financial services, working in customer services, complaints and then in testing. I was immediately interested in Liquidlogic because the software that I would be testing was used by social workers, a job dear to my heart as this is what my old man did when I was growing up.

Recently, I have been promoted into the role of Test Team Leader. We are a growing company and there are opportunities for progression should you want that.

I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far. It’s a very friendly place, full of good people and there are plenty of career development opportunities. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty; there’s free parking and they throw good parties with plenty of good food and drink. Plus, you get to work in an old country house in lovely grounds. Just watch out for the baby rabbits when leaving work in the summer!

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I have always loved computers and it was my love of this that led me to look at working with JAVA as a career. I studied in Mumbai and have a Masters in Computer Application.

One of the things that I love about the sector we work in is the involvement I have in developing systems which make a positive difference to many who require social care assistance.

Before working at Liquidlogic, I worked for the NHS on a project which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I joined Liquidlogic in 2017 and have had a fantastic couple of years. Overall, I would rate the people as the biggest asset of the company, I really appreciate my colleagues - they’re helpful and supportive.

Primarily, I have been assigned to the EYES (Early Years & Education System) team. EYES is uniquely exciting because it is a relatively new product and I have been there from the start with it and am very proud of the work that I have done here. For me, EYES is something that I can connect to personally and I love working on it.

One of the positives of working at Liquidlogic is flexibility around working hours. As a working Mum I find this invaluable and unique.

I am looking forward to the continuing challenges that Liquidlogic has for me in future!

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Senior Consultant

I qualified as a children and families social worker in 1993 and spent many years working in a range of front line services with children and families. Aside from my social work qualification I also hold a Masters in Business Administration.

I was responsible for implementing and managing the Liquidlogic EHM and LCS solution for many years before joining Liquidlogic in 2016. I really enjoyed working on the interface between practice and IT and I found my niche there. I continue to be passionate about social work but also about how the right tools can make a difference and that is why I was very keen to join Liquidlogic in the role that I am in now.

My title is Senior Consultant, I am what you might call a Practice Lead for Early Help and Social Care and so I work alongside a range of teams here to help promote our products and continue to strive to make our products as good as they can be, which means I also work on things that are in early planning or stages of development. I also spend quite a lot of time working to support existing customers who might need some advice, who may need someone to come and look at how they could improve the way they are using our system and so on.

Liquidlogic is a company with real ‘can do’ attitude. Everyone here wants to make the system better and better! Working here is great, the head office in Leeds is such a gorgeous building and full of people who will do what they can to help and support you. People who work here know that to be successful as a company we have to help each other to be at our best. Listening to feedback from customers is what we are also very strong in, we have national user groups, regional user forums, user surveys and on many new developments we have customer representation.

In my role I enjoy travelling around the country and seeing different customers and meeting lots of sector stakeholders as well as working on lots of innovative projects. All of this helps to keep me abreast of what is going on in the sector which is very important to me and to a company like ours. I would definitely recommend this as a great place to work. Oh and did I tell you about the company parties?

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Technical Consultant

I passed 10 GCSEs and 3 A Levels (and a 10-meter swimming certificate) then went on to graduate from the University of Manchester with a BSC (Hons) in Computer Science.

I initially applied for a position in Service Desk here in 2004 when Liquidlogic was a young company and saw it as an opportunity to help build the company. The people who I met at the interview were helpful and enthusiastic about what Liquidlogic had to offer and what I could do. In that respect things haven’t changed during the 13 years that I have been here.

Following my time in the Service Desk, I applied for a position in the Adults Team when it was newly formed and worked there for a number of years as 3rd Line Support for the Service Desk. I also helped to create the Adults Data Warehouse. Last year I moved across to Technical Services for a new challenge - I’ve moved about a bit in the company.

As a Technical Consultant I focus on data migrations and am also involved in 3rd/4th Line Support issues, help fix UAT issues and currently am working on a health and social care project. There is a great deal of variety in the role. The Job is never dull, it is very hands on and there is always scope to learn new skills.

Working for Liquidlogic can be challenging but is very rewarding. We still have the small company attitude of everyone ‘mucking in’ and helping people out. The people here are approachable, friendly and thoroughly professional. Everyone is expected to be able to pick up and deal with problems but help and support are always there. I believe that one of our key strengths is that the entire company takes pride in what we do and what we have achieved and we are not content to rest on our laurels.

The best things about working at Liquidlogic are the helpful and friendly staff and the flexible working hours. I come in later and leave later as this suits me. Free parking and the location of the company (just off the M1) means it’s easily accessible. The company nights out are a laugh.

The remuneration package is very good. People tend to stick around, which shows we’re doing something right!

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Development Lead

I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2013 with a degree in Mathematics. After that I went on to work at another software company in Leeds for three years.

During this time I gained a lot of valuable experience, but towards the end of my third year I felt like I had reached the limit of what I could achieve there and decided it was time for a new challenge.

I started working at Liquidlogic in 2016 and within my first few months, was given responsibility for the development of a number of high-profile projects. The work is extremely varied and I constantly learn new skills and am developing my existing abilities. Following my initial role of Developer, I have been promoted to Development Lead which was a real boost!

The option for flexible working is a real plus and I have definitely noticed a marked improvement in my work/life balance since joining Liquidlogic. Without a doubt the best thing about working here is the people. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and I genuinely feel valued and appreciated for my efforts.

If you are looking for a rewarding career working with exceptional colleagues in a company of valued and respected individuals, then look no further!

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brunette female in a colourful top, stood in the woods


Technical Product Specialist

I graduated from the University of York with a BA (Hons) in Philosophy, I also have a host of Brownie badges and swimming survival awards - do these count?!

After Uni, I lived and travelled abroad for some time then I decided it was time to get serious about my career!

Having returned from travelling, I started working as a Data Analyst for another company, where I learned SQL. Once I had the requisite skills and decided I wanted a change I thought about what would be important to me in my next steps. I chose Liquidlogic because working in IT within the social care sector was a positive change. I also liked the idea of working for a smaller company, I felt that it would give me more opportunity to make an impact and enable progression in a successful and growing company, as well as have more of a sense of community in the workplace. I was right.

My first role at Liquidlogic was Service Desk Analyst, I was then promoted to Service Desk Lead and then to Service Desk Team Leader. I managed a team who look after customers once they have gone live, helping solve issues and answer queries about our products. Since then, I have moved on to Technical Product Specialist, a new role where I am able to work across the entire Liquidlogic product range and bring to life new tools to support customers. Every day is different and it can also be an incredibly fast-paced environment, so it can be challenging but also very rewarding.

I enjoy working for Liquidlogic, the people are great. There are lots of positive attitudes and everyone pitches in together. There is always someone happy to help when you need it. Social Care is incredibly important and I am happy to be working for a company which leads in providing the software for this to work effectively.

Why do I work here? In short it’s the people, we have a lovely and skilled bunch of people here. Staff turnover is low and if you work hard you are given the opportunity for progression within the company, I am proof of this.

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Testing & QA Analyst

After nearly 35 years in the mortgage and insurance business I found myself redundant for the second time in less than ten years and with age ‘not on my side’ wondered what, if anything, lay in store for me next. 

None of the banks and building societies I approached were interested and many were looking for skills in automated, and not manual, testing.  After a couple of months I was offered an interview in ‘Leeds’ with a company dealing with ‘software for Social Care’ which must have gone quite well as I started work shortly afterwards.

Having previously only had experience of working in Head Offices I now found myself working for a company who employed in total fewer staff than the previous IT department I’d worked in.  What immediately struck me was how welcoming and friendly my new team was and without doubt this helped me quickly settle in and acclimatise to my new surroundings.  Contact with other teams within the Company also showed that this approach was common and not just unique to my Team, the MD even arranging a meeting with me in my first month to check in and see how things were going.

When I started I was entering a totally foreign world to me and thought that in a year or so I’d possibly be back in my comfort zone of mortgages etc.  Almost seven and half years in I cannot now envisage leaving my new world.  The work is varied, it is challenging at times, it can be hectic, but it is made so much easier by the people around me who are willing to help, to listen and to seek and offer advice.  Often I hear it said that ‘it’s the people that make the Company’ and whilst in some cases this is just corporate speak, for Liquidlogic it isn’t.

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Development Lead

I got my hands on my first computer (ZX-81) at the age of 13 and after typing in a game program from the back of the user manual I was hooked.

I graduated from Hull University in 1988 with a degree in Computer Science and a wife to be. I’ve worked as a software engineer/chief programmer/lead developer (why all the names?) in fields as varied as computer mapping before satnavs and google maps were things, telephone billing, retail software and finally ended up writing software in the Adult’s Services team at Liquidlogic. The team atmosphere is great but also, despite having grown over the years I’ve worked here, there’s still the ethos of a smaller company where everyone feels they can reach out to colleagues across the company regardless of which team they work in.  It’s a fun place to work; our teams are multi-disciplinary so I work alongside analysts and testers, and the work itself is often fulfilling- knowing that the end products are making a difference to people’s lives.

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Test Team Lead

My story at Liquidlogic started at the parent company System C where I spent 3 or 4 years working at various hospital sites throughout the UK supporting Medway and other systems.

My last work package for them was with another company under the brand Conscia where I was a software tester. This was the bridge that led me into Liquidlogic where I became a software tester for the adult’s team. 12 years later I find myself as a test lead for EHM within the children’s team.

What I like best about the company is the people, the surroundings and the software we produce which I feel makes a real difference to the people using it and knowing that I’ve helped create that gives a brilliant sense of achievement. The first day I pulled into the carpark at Liquidlogic and took a look at the building I knew it was the right place to be, fast forward a few years and along with a few others I found myself finding and plotting different routes to run on my lunch break, so many tracks to choose from and a real release from work to be able to get out and explore a beautiful area with colleagues from farms, to quarries and even temple newsham at a push.

The people at Liquidlogic are the ones who make it a great place, no one is out of reach and everyone is forthcoming in providing support/guidance when needed.


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