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The Liquidlogic Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Module

The Continuing Healthcare process shares similarities with social care in that an assessment of need and eligibility occurs, with an outcome of Health Funding, Joint Funding (FNC), or Social Care Funding being determined which then allows for services to be planned and provided.

The CHC module in the Liquidlogic Adults’ Social Care System (LAS) is based on existing and proven Assessment, Workflow and Workspace technologies. The Liquidlogic CHC enables the configuration of workflow in such a way as to facilitate either sole local authority use, or joint use with health partners. It can also be used by health to record CHC as a standalone solution.

The Liquidlogic CHC module is designed to support both joint working between Health and Social Care and local authorities who wish to use the module solely to manage their own CHC activities. With dual use of the system, both Health and Social Care professionals are able to view contributions across Health and Social Care. This results in more efficient case processing, as it is not necessary to chase for status updates and workers can also contribute to joint assessments and correspond in real-time via case notes.

Single Solution

There are significant advantages for both Health and Social Care teams in having a single solution, particularly where Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty occurs, or where Safeguarding Enquiries are required, again improving collaboration and information sharing.

Over time, a person may move in and out of Social Care, FNC, and CHC. Use of a single system for these three areas allows a person’s entire care history to be reviewed in a single place and reduces the risk of a person falling through the gaps that are present where separate systems are used. There are significant advantages for both Health and Social Care to having a single solution. Using a single solution also lowers the risk of personal information becoming outdated and ensures that
questions are not asked repeatedly. This reduces the administrative burden of ensuring that the same data is updated in different systems by various members of staff.


Continuing Healthcare forms are built into the LAS Workflow as standard; these include:
NHS continuing healthcare checklist
Fast track tool
NHS decision support tool and MDT recommendation
Continuing healthcare plan

Care Act Assessment and Review and Planning forms may be configured to copy data forward into the Continuing Healthcare Checklist or Decision Support Tool as required.

Spine and Shared Care Record Access

Liquidlogic integrates with the NHS Spine and Shared Care Records in several local authorities and offers further levels of integration via the Continuing Healthcare module.


While information sharing is important and at the heart of CHC, the Liquidlogic Adults’ Social Care System is designed to be multi-tenanted from a security perspective. There are specific data and application access rights, from which role-based profiles can be defined and assigned to users. In addition to this, Liquidlogic offers legitimate relationships functionality to prevent the inappropriate sharing or access of data.