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We have lift off! Bristol Council takes Liquidlogic EYES live.

Bristol City Council is now live with the Liquidlogic Early Years and Education System - ‘EYES,’ which includes Admissions. Four other Liquidlogic customers are in the process of implementing EYES: Bath & North East Somerset Council, Hartlepool Borough Council, Rochdale Borough Council, and Wiltshire Council.

EYES is a module of the Liquidlogic Children’s System which also includes social care and early help functionality and is integrated with the Liquidlogic Adults’ System. This enables Councils to have one view of the child and the family to facilitate improved joined-up working and ensures that the child’s record is not fragmented across multiple systems - something that has incurred criticism from OFSTED. From a commercial perspective, it enables Councils to rationalise the number of systems that they support.

Sue Rogers, Interim Director of Education at Bristol Council says: “This has been a great example of partnership working. Bristol smallThe implementation has involved data migration, training, and change management and the go-live was very smooth. The benefits to Bristol will be in both service improvements and financial savings.”

Dr. Jacqui Jensen, Service Director Children and Families Services, emphasises the importance of an integrated system: “We want our professionals to work together and see the full picture whilst being able to manage data access and protection effectively; something that cannot be done with multiple systems. This is a modernisation of our IT in Children’s Services which provides a platform for efficient and effective integrated working.”

The system is live with Admissions, Tracking and Monitoring Attendance, Exclusions and Reinstatement, Missing from Education & Truancy, Free School Meals, Home to School Travel, Traveller Support & Asylum Seekers, Alternative Learning Provision, Elective Home Education, Children in Employment & Entertainment. In addition to this, Bristol is also live with Managing Establishment Information, Education Setting/Improvement & Attainment, Safeguarding Establishments, and School & Parent Portals.

This complements existing Liquidlogic functionality for Groupwork (Children’s Centres) and SEND/EHCP.

Bristol will soon be putting Liquidlogic’s Early Years, NEET, Educational Psychology & Specialist Support, and Virtual Schools functionality into operation.

David Grigsby, Managing Director at Liquidlogic comments: “EYES provides the missing link between education management, early help, and social care and is an extension of our proven successful platform which is used by over seventy Councils. We are delighted that Bristol has gone live without a hitch and that four other Councils are following close on their heels. The demand that we are seeing for one integrated system is demonstrating that Councils wish to reduce the proliferation of systems in Children’s Services; for operational, safeguarding, and commercial reasons.”

rochdale 2Speaking about their decision to select Liquidlogic EYES, Scott Moseley, MIS Portfolio Manager at Rochdale Borough Council says: “One of the key reasons that Rochdale opted for Liquidlogic EYES was that it would provide a consolidated single platform for all Children’s Services data. Information is keyed in only once and to the relevant part of the system, as opposed to potentially several times into disparate systems, this was crucial in our decision making. Importantly, practitioners in Rochdale will be provided with a holistic record of the child and their family network in one system. Finally in a time of further reductions to the Council’s budget, EYES demands less resource to support and maintain.”

Rachel Smith, Strategic Commissioner (Education & Children's Services) at Hartlepool Borough Council outlines the basisHartlepool small behind selecting Liquidlogic EYES: “Hartlepool Borough Council had an aspiration for a single record for each child with the ability to record across Education and Children’s Services.  Liquidlogic’s EYES will enable us to achieve this aim.  The benefits of the new system to the Council will be underpinned by the ability to import data-rich pupil records from schools which will give access to relevant information where appropriate across services whilst maintaining confidentiality.

The EYES system will also give the Council the ability to report across its key delivery areas which will improve monitoring, planning, and commissioning of wider services.  The drive towards multi-agency professionals accessing a single database will enable a smarter and more cohesive response to the needs of our children and young people.”


banesExplaining the decision to award their early years and education contract to Liquidlogic, Chris Wilford, Head of Education Inclusion at Bath & North East Somerset Council comments: “Having a single IT platform will be conducive to managing systems in a simpler manner. For us, the key advantages to taking EYES include facilitating joined-up working, improved system provision for education users, and the obvious cost savings of managing one supplier. Liquidlogic illustrated an enthusiasm to bring something unique to the market in its provision of a single platform across Children’s and Adults’ Services and we very much look forward to implementing the system.”


Wiltshire Council comments: “Wiltshire Council takes strategic decisions that focus on providing more integrated wayswiltshire of working across Children’s Services.  This will be supported by providing staff with an integrated case management solution to enable those working with children and young people to have a joined-up and single view of the child/young person.  Wiltshire’s vision is for “a fully integrated system that allows the needs and journey of our children to be seen and clearly understood, ensuring the right services are provided at the right time to achieve better outcomes”.  Wiltshire Council has contracted Liquidlogic to assist in achieving this and will be working with them during implementation towards a streamlined approach.” 

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We have lift off! Bristol Council takes Liquidlogic EYES live.