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Liquidlogic Pass the Pan London Test

Liquidlogic recently approached Pan London Admissions with a view to providing confirmation to London Boroughs that Liquidlogic admissions can fully participate in the Pan London coordinated admissions process.

Liquidlogic took part as a simulated London local authority across a number of processes: 

  • Downloaded eAdmissions Test Applications from the online admissions System and imported them into the Liquidlogic system.
  • Uploaded a PRIME ADT file to the Pan London Register
  • Downloaded a PRIME ADT file produced by the Pan London Register
  • Prepared data, ranked & ran their initial allocation
  • Uploaded ALT file for 1st Iteration
  • Download ALT file from 1st Iteration
  • Uploaded ALT file for 2nd Iteration
  • Downloaded ALT file from 2nd Iteration
  • Uploaded an ALT Online Offer file to the online eAdmissions system
  • Reset the PLR ALT process
  • Uploaded ALT file for 1st Iteration after reset
  • Download ALT file from 1st Iteration after reset
  • Download parental response ALT file into the Liquidlogic system

Graham Carter, Business Process Advisor, Pan London Admissions System says: “Following the outcome of the above processes, we are satisfied that Liquidlogic has demonstrated the ability of their admissions software to fully participate in all Pan London coordinated admissions processes.”

 Managing Director of Liquidlogic, David Grigsby explains what this means to the company: Our Early Years & Education System (EYES) is gaining critical mass across the country and admissions is a key element of this platform. We are really pleased that the EYES admissions functionality has passed the tests we undertook with the Pan London Admissions’ system and are grateful to the team there for their help and professionalism.  We look forward to engaging with local authorities in London with all aspects of education management, including admissions.”

 For further details about the Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System (EYES), e mail or speak to your Liquidlogic account manager.