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A Fresh Pair of EYES

Wiltshire is the latest council to implement the Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System (EYES). Speaking about this, Tamsin Stone, Service Manager at Wiltshire Council says:

“Our goal is to provide staff with a joined-up view of children and their families. Previously, we used a number of systems for early help, safeguarding, early years and education which meant that information was stored in different places and staff had to spend time logging into separate systems. Implementing Liquidlogic means that everything is on one platform, information is more readily available and less time is spent searching across systems. Although it is early days, reaction from our teams has been positive and we are hopeful that EYES will bring great benefits.”

David Grigsby, Managing Director at Liquidlogic comments:

“Adding EYES to the Liquidlogic early help and case management portfolio already in use at Wiltshire will support the council in providing users with a consolidated view of the child and their family across education, early years, SEN, early help and social care. This, in turn, will ensure that staff are presented with the latest real-time information to support sound decision making as well as saving time by reducing the number log ins to disparate systems. We are very pleased to welcome Wiltshire Council to the growing EYES customer group.”