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Sandwell Council: realising the benefits with Liquidlogic

Sandwell Council went live with the Liquidlogic Adults' Social Care System (LAS) and finance at the end of 2016 and has been speaking about the way in which staff have embraced the system.

Binda Rana, Adults' Social Care Systems Manager says: "We have been live for over 18 months now and our first major upgrade has been completed successfully, delivering key changes to support planning.”

In the run up to go live, Sandwell had a very clear communication strategy to users. This was broken down into phases: setting expectations and outlining timescales, timely communications at key milestones and a countdown at 12 weeks before go-live with specific actions for users. The Council took the decision to train users in house and went on to win a ‘Training Journal’ award for its efforts.

Binda Rana concludes: “Users have fed back that the system is more streamlined, user-friendly and leaner. This is something which is evident in the number of happy faces we see throughout the teams now."