Liquidlogic RSS Feed Latest news from Liquidlogic en-gb One Platform @ Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council Rochdale Council discuss Liquidlogic EYES and the efficiencies it brings. 2020-01-02 Manchester City Council: Working to the same beat in social care Council go-live with early help, children’s and adults’ social care and finance simultaneously 2019-11-19 Liquidlogic SingleView: Saving time and money at Wigan Council An LGA case study on the effects of Liquidlogic SingleView implementation 2019-11-13 Oxfordshire County Council sees the Big Picture Oxfordshire County Council take the Liquidlogic children’s and early help system live. 2019-10-29 EYES on Rochdale Council for another successful Liquidlogic go-live Rochdale is the latest Council to take the Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System (EYES) live. 2019-09-04 Gloucestershire County Council: Looking for Synergy Council selects Liquidlogic for Adults’ Social Care to work off one platform 2019-08-21 Hats off to Solihull Council Sollihull take LAS live 2019-08-02 A New Image at Worcestershire with Liquidlogic Liquidlogic to host Council system from 2020 2019-07-29 Stockport Council Live with Liquidlogic Children's System & Early Help Module Council goes live with Children's Systems 2019-07-26 Liquidlogic secures place on G Cloud 11 Liquidlogic listed on G Cloud 11 under category of social care and education management system 2019-07-18