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Troubled Families Update

The Government recently announced funding for each CSSR to identify and work with what it termed “Troubled Families”.  The funding falls into an amount payable up front, then further payments based on results, depending on the improved behaviour of these families.

Liquidlogic has made a number of developments to enable Local Authorities to utilise their Early Intervention solution to help identify troubled families and subsequently record interventions against them, as well as the outcomes that are achieved.

Any system managing Troubled Family cases needs to be able to handle a plethora of relationship types. In the Liquidlogic solution, having linked the set of people defined as the family, assessments and interventions can then be recorded across all of them in a family workspace.

The reporting capabilities of Liquidlogic’s system enable outcomes and any other information captured in the assessments and intervention records, to be reported from. Our solution has been designed to ensure additional areas of early intervention issues such as MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding / Support Hubs), Domestic Abuse, Child Sexual Exploitation, CAF, parenting support can all be managed from a single solution.