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Troubled Families 2: event popular

Liquidlogic held an event today in response to the Government’s extension of eligibility criteria of the original Troubled Families programme. The event, attended by over 100 Liquidlogic customers, was designed to discuss how IT can support Councils in identifying those families which are eligible for the programme. 

Managing Director, David Grigsby comments: “The key differentiator with the Liquidlogic Troubled Families 2 solution is that the data loading & matching, reporting, and case management are combined in one integrated solution within existing Liquidlogic software. The benefits of this for Councils are obvious and this has been reflected in the interest from customers so far.”

The event featured presentations from both Liquidlogic and Kent County Council as well as a demonstration of the software available from Liquidlogic to support customers with Troubled Families 2.

Speaking about the event, Melanie Holmes, Head of Marketing & Communications says: “We have seen an incredible response from customers for this event. Given the additional criteria, and therefore increase in the number of families eligible for support, there is a demand for an IT system which can both proactively identify eligible families and accurately provide data for social care teams. Customer feedback on what they saw was very positive and worth taking time out to attend.”