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Manchester-City-CouncilManchester City Council recently took the decision to award their social care case management systems contract to Liquidlogic.

Speaking about the change, Bob Brown, CIO at Manchester, says: “We were looking to fulfill a number of requirements including the implementation of an intuitive, user- friendly and future proof system.

We wanted to work with a supplier who could support our vision to join up health and social care teams throughout the area and Liquidlogic’s market presence, in particular within the North West of England, will enable that to happen. Many suppliers aspire to support health and social care integration but Liquidlogic has demonstrated real traction in doing so and we are pleased to join the Liquidlogic customer community.”

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Having selected Liquidlogic as a solution for its Adults’ Social Care system (LAS) in 2014, Oxfordshire County Council has just announced that it has taken the decision to award a contract for its children’s social care systems to Liquidlogic (LCS & EHM) too.

Speaking about the decision to switch to the Liquidlogic Children’s Social Care System and Early Help Module, Lindsay Russell, ICT Business Services Manager at Oxfordshire comments: “We were looking to align systems and were motivated to do so given the obvious savings in terms of time and cost, both from a frontline, operational perspective but also from a support perspective.

Our experience of Liquidlogic during the implementation of LAS and since we went live in 2015 has been very positive. Extending the solution into our Children’s Social Care and Early Help services and rationalising our systems and suppliers will bring significant benefits for Oxfordshire, helping us to deliver service improvements and achieve better integrated working across social care using a single platform.”

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