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Thumbs up again for EYES on Primary National Offer Day

Over 9,000 Primary school pupils throughout Bristol, Hartlepool and Rochdale received offers today via the Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System (EYES).

David Grigsby, Managing Director at Liquidlogic comments: “National offer days are always a key time for Councils and families and once again EYES has proven reliable in terms of timing and accuracy. During the application process, we saw an average of 96% in online portal submissions and have made offers to over 9,000 pupils in the Bristol, Hartlepool and Rochdale regions. Customers who have taken the Early Years & Education System are now in double numbers - an indication that we have a ground-breaking product which is stable, reliable and rapidly gaining critical mass in the market.”

Sean Wyartt, Business Change Manager, Bristol City Council, says: Bristol has utilised EYES for the third year running to successfully complete Primary National Offer Day. Approximately 5,400 applications were processed and offers sent. By 12.30am parents were responding to email and portal offers, by 9.30am 270 letters had been produced and sent to the post room, and by 10.30am over 2,000 parents had accepted their offers and 60 appealed online. The statutory return has already been produced for the DfE in readiness to upload to Collect.

Overall, a really smooth process supported by our colleagues at Liquidlogic.


Speaking about national offer day, a Hartlepool Borough Council spokesperson says: “The ability to securely release primary school places on time is critical. Using the Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System gives us the reassurance that accurate offers will be received promptly, easing the anxiety on what is a key date for children and their families in the area.”

Press contact Melanie Holmes, Director of Marketing & Communications at Liquidlogic.