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Liquidlogic has conducted its annual customer survey and the results are in. The responses have been very positive with both staff and product cited once again as the key reasons for customers having selected Liquidlogic. 

Speaking about the survey, Melanie Holmes, Head of Marketing at Liquidlogic says: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers who took the time to complete the survey. It not only provides us with valuable customer feedback on our products, services and staff but it also acts as a yardstick for us to measure the direction of travel and check our plans going forward. Customers contribute to new product ideas and different ways of working for us via a number of methods, the survey is just one of those. This year we have seen an increase in the number of customers participating and those customers have submitted higher ratings across the board, for both the Liquidogic teams they work with through to product improvements. Inevitably there are some areas for improvement, including the demand to communicate on calls raised more effectively, for which plans are in place. Overall we are really pleased with the results.”

Liquidlogic saw a 24% increase in participation this year with 65% of participants being children’s customers and the remaining responders adults’ customers. Customers were asked to rate teams, products and delivery. In addition to this customers opinions were sought on priorities and what they felt could improve Liquidlogic going forward.

David Grigsby, Managing Director of Liquidlogic comments: “We are delighted with the results of the customer survey this year. A consistent message from customers is that they rate Liquidlogic staff as experts in their field. Many customers have mentioned specific members of staff, which is a huge compliment to those individuals. Customers have also rated Liquidlogic software even higher than last year, which confirms that an improved user interface and enhanced functionality to meet new Government agendas such as Troubled Families, CSE, the Care Act and integrated health and social care have been well received. This success does not mean that we will relax as a company or become complacent, we are acutely aware that customers are the lifeblood of Liquidlogic and despite our recent growth, we are determined to provide and improve the level of service that they have come to expect. Along with this we will continue to provide market leading, innovative and user friendly software by listening to our customers.”