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Seeing the bigger picture @ Wirral Council

Located in the North West of England, the Wirral is a peninsula of 60 square miles with a population of 320,000. The Council went live with the Liquidlogic Children’s Social Care System (LCS) in 2014 and has recently subscribed to the Liquidlogic Professional Portal to ensure the maximum number of contributions from a variety of professionals involved in a case are collected.

The Professional Portal enables social workers to delegate forms or parts of forms to external professionals in the normal way via the Liquidlogic system, and receive responses via a secure web page directly into the Liquidlogic social care system. By using the Professional Portal, Councils need not train professionals or invest in additional licences for the social care system. 

Wirral Council is looking to achieve a number of objectives by rolling out the Liquidlogic Professional Portal, not least maximising valuable input from external professionals in a timely and efficient manner. Speaking about the implementation, Mark Ellis, Information, Systems & School Projects Manager at Wirral Council comments: “Like many Councils, we often seek input from external professionals by issuing paper forms for them to complete and return. There are countless problems in doing this including illegible handwriting and forms getting lost or delayed. With the Liquidlogic Professional Portal, we are able to set timescales for form completion, issue electronic reminders, and most importantly the contributions from external professionals form part of the child’s case notes and can be reported on, unlike a third party form which is attached to the case note and can often be missed and doesn’t form part of social work reporting. Essentially all the information is held in one place and supports our vision of joined up working.”

For further details about the Liquidlogic Professional Portal, contact your Liquidlogic Account Manager or e mail