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Scotland: The Story So Far


An important milestone was reached for Liquidlogic in 2018 with the company breaking into the Scottish social care software market, with successful tender outcomes at both Falkirk Council and East Ayrshire Council. This long-held goal has been on Liquidlogic’s ‘wish list’ for a while and a substantial amount of planning, development time, and preparation were carried out prior to the tender submissions, to ensure that Scottish ways of working were catered for.

With both Councils working towards an early 2020 go-live, now is an appropriate time to provide an update on their story so far.

Falkirk Council

Falkirk Council currently uses an in-house case management system but is seeking to revolutionise their approach to case management recording.

Workshops have taken place with the project team at the Council and indicated a range of functionality in the Liquidlogic system which stands out for users, including:

  • Criminal Justice module – designed in conjunction with the Council’s Criminal Justice Team

  • Suggest relationships –functionality suggesting logical links between family members/acquaintances has been received positively

  • Workflow – ensures a logical guide for users through the Liquidlogic system

  • Delegation Portal – facilitating multiple contributions from involved external professionals without additional licensing costs.

Speaking about the planning phase, Lisa Carle, Project Lead at Falkirk Council says:

“The Liquidlogic team has spent a significant amount of time on site here. They have held workshops with users and met with the Project Team to focus on specific configuration detail. As well as taking on board our requirements and developing specific functionality which is unique to Scotland, they have been able to bring their experience and knowledge of successful system implementations which is proving incredibly helpful.”

East Ayrshire logo 2

Currently contracted to OLM, East Ayrshire Council was looking for a modern, intuitive platform to support efficiency savings.

The same approach used at Falkirk Council has been mirrored with East Ayrshire Council and the Liquidlogic team has been on-site for discovery sessions and workshops. Feedback from users indicates that system highlights include:

  • The flexible design of forms and custom elements - currently East Ayrshire navigates back to a person’s ‘front page’ to make any changes. With Liquidlogic, users are able to do that within a form 

  • Visibility of information and tasks – saving navigation time and ensuring that the ‘bigger picture’ is provided to users which supports good decisions

  • Atom - the information which Liquidlogic Atom provides has been received positively with an illustrated ‘at a glance’ view that can be drilled down into

  • Navigation – moving between adults’ and children’s seamlessly

  • Flags – where key elements of information are highlighted as flags. Again, this facilitates more efficient working and decision making

  • Admin efficiencies – the ability to replace numerous team mailboxes with group trays

  • Alerts - ability to trigger alerts from within forms and from certain activities

Fiona McDonald, Management Information System Project Manager at East Ayrshire Council comments:

At each workshop, users have been consistently pleased with what they will be able to do with the Liquidlogic system. Functionality such as having the ability to create family assessments and record separate answers for each individual as well as consolidated answers and the Atom is just not an option currently but will be with Liquidlogic. The implementation is going well and we can see, as the project gathers momentum, the theory of this enhanced functionality actually becoming a reality. People can’t wait to get their hands on the system now.”

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