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North Yorkshire provides better outcomes

The Liquidlogic Early Help Module is live at North Yorkshire County Council. The Council already uses the Liquidlogic Children's System (LCS) and has recently implemented the Liquidlogic Adults' System (LAS) also.

Previously, three separate teams were responsible for Early Help within the Council, with each team working independently. The teams had approached the recording of children who required early help by a variety of methods, this included spreadsheets and written notes.

Speaking about this approach Lucy Darwin, Service Manager - Systems at North Yorkshire County Council says: “There were obvious issues with our previous recording methods including security, visibility, information sharing and workflow. We were acutely conscious that we needed to address this to gain efficiencies and ensure a joined up approach with health and education.

“We have known Liquidlogic and used their systems for a long time, so the obvious advantages in selecting them for EHM was that the system was familiar to us, we had a good relationship with them and we could have seamless integration to other existing products.”

Lucy concludes: “Implementing the Liquidlogic EHM at North Yorkshire has played a part in our ‘2020 North Yorkshire’ change management programme, where the Council aims to reduce costs by a third. By making our early help model more efficient, we can identify children and families which require our support before they meet the levels of traditional social care. This preventative approach, along with efficiency savings from the way in which staff now record early help, will contribute to the programme significantly. Our goal is to enable better outcomes with a compiled view of a family and we are confident that Liquidlogic’s EHM will support us in this.”

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