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New Children’s Social Care IT System for Rotherham Council

Rotherham Council is now live with a new Social Care IT system designed to improve the service it provides to children and families. The system supplied by Liquidlogic, the market leading provider in the provision of Social Care IT systems in England, will support practitioners in recording key information about children in need, looked after children and child protection cases. 

The Liquidlogic system will ensure that social workers have safe, modern IT recording support that will allow them to spend more time with children and families, meaning the Council can continue to drive up the quality and efficiency of the services it provides to the people of Rotherham.

The implementation of the Liquidlogic system is a key feature of the work already underway to ensure that Rotherham Council provides the highest quality service for its vulnerable children. The Council wanted an intuitive system that staff would be able to pick up quickly. The system is designed to ensure that users record the right data in the right place at the right time whilst managers will have more powerful and accurate oversight of cases. The Liquidlogic system will make information about a child’s history much easier to find and ensure that details will not be missed whilst improved chronologies and easier to locate documents will help staff make the best decisions.

To support Rotherham’s implementation, a programme team has been internally appointed comprising of experts from a range of teams and roles – social workers, systems improvement officers, performance specialists, training specialists, finance staff, data quality officers, IT staff and others.

Speaking about Rotherham Council’s go-live, David Grigsby, Managing Director of Liquidlogic comments: “The Liquidlogic systems have been specifically developed by and for practitioners which ensures that they are intuitive and capture pertinent information to a child’s case. Rotherham has a particularly clear vision of how the systems will be used to ensure that they provide the best possible support to children and families in the area. The Council has been very easy to work with in getting to go-live and all staff have a positive approach in embracing the new Liquidlogic systems.”