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Live Integration to MIG at Rochdale

Rochdale Borough Council (RBC) is now linked to and using the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) to provide social care staff with real-time GP data into its Liquidlogic Adults' Social Care System (LAS).

The continued importance of health and social care integration has been the driver to the project and the Council was keen to find a way of viewing primary care information electronically.

Practitioners can now access a patient’s GP record, which includes medication (current, past and issues), risks and warnings, procedures, investigations, encounters, admissions and referrals alongside their social care data.

Speaking about the link, Scott Moseley, MIS Portfolio Manager for Rochdale Borough Council says: “The MIG provides staff with the full picture. They can view additional information about the patient, which helps them to make informed decisions faster. We were pleased that the Healthcare Gateway team was able to lead the conversations with Liquidlogic and their experience of similar projects was invaluable”.

Providing single system access within the Liquidlogic case management system which they are already familiar with and removing multiple logins makes it easier for care professionals to consider all of the available patient data. This supports the individual to make informed, clinical decisions faster.

Social care staff across Rochdale can now view GP records 24 hours a day. This has reduced calls to surgeries and streamlined communication between different organisations. Health and social care teams are now working collectively, which has reduced admin and created more time for patient contact.

The MIG has also improved the data security, as records are no longer shared by other less secure methods such as faxing.