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Liquidlogic's Early Help Module Takes Off

In the past 12 months Liquidlogic has increased its count of Early Help (EHM) customers by over a third, sites now include the London Borough of Croydon, Wirral, Cheshire East and Bury Councils. Sales Director Jim Sullivan attributes the growth to two key factors:

“Firstly, our significant investment into the latest version of the Liquidlogic EHM has made the system more open and flexible, with the inclusion of a new Customer Defined Workflow tool alongside the Form Designer.

A range of initiatives can be configured within it including MASH, CAF, Strengthening Families and anything else that fits within this area.

Importantly, existing customers of the Liquidlogic Social Care system (LCS) are able to use a single sign on to both systems, meaning it can be used as two linked modules for some users, and a distinct system for others.

 Furthermore the ‘step up, step down’ capability between Social Care and Early Help enables cases to be referred in and out of social care whilst ensuring that data is carried forward and does not have to be re -entered.”

The next stage of development will be around Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP)and SEN. Liquidlogic see the EHM system as one that can deal with all of the initiatives that sit alongside Social Care and often involve Social Care, but also require the participation of other agencies. The close coupling of the two modules ensure that data and processes can be shared where appropriate but kept separate where not.

Talking about the decision to implement Liquidlogic’s EHM at Rochdale Council, Scott Moseley, MIS Portfolio Holder says:

From our appraisal of Liquidlogic’s Early Help Module (EHM) we concluded that the system met our requirements for flexibility and configurability, adapting to the many different working practices of CAF teams across the County. In addition to this there were obvious advantages to the Council using Liquidlogic’s Children’s Social Care System (LCS), including the look and feel being familiar as well as the ‘step-up, step-down’ process between both systems.”

For further details on Rochdale’s selection and implementation of Liquidlogic EHM, click here.