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Liquidlogic SingleView: Saving time and money at Wigan Council

A recent case study produced by the Local Government Association (LGA) focussed on Wigan Council's implementation of Liquidlogic SingleView.

According to the report: "In the original bid for the LGA funding Wigan estimated that the system will improve the efficiency of professionals involved in this area and provide a direct saving of £62,500 per annum. The savings already delivered are estimated at over £144,000 per annum."

The case study outlines the reasoning behind the implementation and the financial savings made in doing this. Users of the system speak about the benefits that they have seen, including speeding up processes and working on more than one child through Liquidlogic's Family Working functionality.

“The system has helped to speed up the early help process and make this quicker, all of the personal details are in, so no need to type them in each time.”

“The family working has made a massive difference as I can work on more than one child in one place, with less

“Since going live in March, the system has helped to get a very clear picture on all open cases
for the school.”

Feedback from Start Well:

“I absolutely love it, I can quickly do the attendance checks in one click, miles quicker than going on Capita One.”

“It’s simple, isn’t it.”


To read the case study in full, click here.