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For a second consecutive year, Liquidlogic has been accredited a ‘Best Company’ award.

A survey was conducted independently by ‘Best Companies’ in late 2017 with all Liquidlogic staff. Part of the process includes an employee survey in which staff are asked to answer a variety of questions and judges assess the responses whilst benchmarking them against other participating companies.

Liquidlogic was judged in eight categories including ‘leadership’, ‘my team’ and ‘my company’.  

Speaking about the outcome, Melanie Holmes, Head of Marketing & Communications says: “We routinely conduct an annual survey with all staff but felt that the ‘Best Company’ assessment was a robust independent measure of workplace engagement.

According to ‘Best Companies’ there was an even higher rate of participation across all areas of the business in comparison with the previous year. We were particularly pleased to receive feedback that the overall feeling from the team was that they appreciated the flexible working offered and enjoyed working with their colleagues.

It is a fundamental part of our culture to have fun whilst doing a great job and feeling proud of our work. Ensuring that we have a happy team also enables us to attract new talent as part of our ongoing recruitment plan.

One of the recurring themes of our customer survey is the positive, friendly and professional attitude of the team here. We are delighted to have been independently recognised as a Best Company and are aiming to improve even further for next year’s survey.”

Liquidlogic is a 'Best Company'