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Leading the way with CP-IS

Liquidlogic, the leading supplier of case management systems in England, has the highest number of customers using the Child Protection – Information Sharing (CP-IS) system. According to Liquidlogic, it now has 40% of its live children’s customers using CP-IS. 

The system flags to appropriate healthcare staff where a child is the subject of a child protection plan or is looked after by a Local Authority.  This applies in unscheduled health settings, such as emergency departments, GP out of hour’s services, walk-in centres, ambulance services, maternity and paediatric wards. CP-IS also displays the contact details of the child’s social care team.

A log of those who looked at the child protection or looked after status for a child, and where it has been viewed, will also be retained for both social care and healthcare staff, enabling them to confirm whether a child has been visiting unscheduled healthcare settings, regardless of geographical location. 

The Liquidlogic customers connected to CP-IS include those which host the system on their own servers, and Councils such as Cheshire East, which is hosted by Liquidlogic and utilises the N3 connection in the Liquidlogic Data Centre.

Speaking about the high number of CP-IS users, Liquidlogic Managing Director, David Grigsby comments: 

“We have always placed a great emphasis on linking social care and health teams. There can be an extraordinary amount of red tape involved in linking the simplest of data sets, which can prohibit Councils from investing time in these projects, but CP-IS is a tried and tested initiative and Councils are able to follow a well-trodden path in their implementation and use of the initiative. We are very pleased to be leading the way with CP-IS.”