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Interest Increases in Early Help and Intervention Systems

The decommissioning of National eCAF and the focus on providing early help and intervention has acted as a catalyst for Local Authorities to procure systems to support their work with individuals and families who sit outside the social care criteria.

Early intervention is recognised as an effective way of improving the lives of children and young people and of addressing social problems that too often cross generations.

There is little doubt that multi-agency working lies at the heart of early intervention, and brings benefits for children, young people and families, allowing them to be identified earlier, access the most appropriate services faster and ultimately reduce the need for more specialist services further on.

Liquidlogic’s eCAF, Early Help and Intervention system provides a system for recording case details of individuals and families who have been identified as requiring help, but do not meet the criteria for social care. If and when the case needs to be escalated to the social care system, the process is seamless. Equally seamless is the transition from the social care system back to the eCAF system.

Iain Holloway, Manager of the Social Care Information Management Team at Coventry City Council’s Children, Learning and Young People’s Directorate is currently overseeing the roll out of Liquidlogic eCAF, Early Help and Intervention to a huge number of users across the City’s children’s centres, schools, Police, probation service, hospitals and health centres. “Interest in a shared system is high amongst our non-social care agencies and we are keen to train people to use the system quickly to ensure that we maintain motivation. We are using a combination of face to face and e-learning methods to train as many users as we can in a timely fashion.” With so many users accessing the shared database, security is paramount, but the security parameters are very granular, with only approved, trained users being granted access.

Liquidlogic eCAF Early Help and Intervention can be configured locally to meet specific requirements. Many Councils use the system for eCAFs, whilst others have set up additional assessments, plans and procedures. Some use it to manage Parenting Contracts, Anti Social Behaviour, Family Support Meetings, Occupational Therapy, as well as specialist assessments and plans in areas such as drug and alcohol. 

With the increasing importance of early intervention, it is unsurprising that Local Authorities are looking for a comprehensive system to manage their cases.