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Hats off to Solihull Council

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has recently taken the Liquidlogic Adults’ Social Care system (LAS) live. In line with the Council’s vision to provide a modern, intuitive case management system to workers, the Liquidlogic system will deliver efficiencies by reducing the time spent recording.

David Grigsby, Managing Director, Liquidlogic says: “Solihull has meticulously planned to get to this stage. They have been clear about what they wanted to achieve from the outset – to ensure efficiencies and see a joined-up view across adults’ and children’s social care. The implementation of the system will provide practitioners with a clear picture to support their decision making, as well as the time recording savings which other Local Authorities are already experiencing by using the Liquidlogic platform. We look forward to implementing the children’s system at Solihull shortly.”

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