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Gloucestershire County Council: Looking for Synergy

Gloucestershire County Council has selected the Liquidlogic Adults’ Social Care System (LAS) to provide one case management platform across all social care teams. The Council has been using the Liquidlogic Children’s Social Care system (LCS) and its Early Help Module (EHM) since 2011. Liquidlogic will replace Gloucestershire’s previous in-house adults’ social care case management system.

Speaking about the project, Mat Jenkins, Lead for the LAS Implementation Programme at the Council says: “Having worked with Liquidlogic for 8 years via our children’s services, we are familiar with both the company and product. However, this did not mean that selecting LAS was a foregone conclusion and the tender process ensured that all competitors were put through their paces. Working across one modern interface will provide efficiencies with training, speed, and ease of recording. We are very much looking forward to implementing Liquidlogic into our adults’ social care team and are confident that joint working and information sharing between services will become the norm.”

Commenting on the decision, David Grigsby, Managing Director of Liquidlogic says: “We were very pleased to be selected as Gloucestershire’s partner for adult social care case management. Over the years, the Council has led in many pioneering social care projects with their children’s team including their work on implementing the Liquidlogic Children’s Portal. We know from experience with other Councils, that working from one platform across social care teams brings efficiencies and supports practitioners to make better-informed decisions and are confident that Gloucestershire will see the benefits of this.”

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