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EYES on Rochdale Council for another successful Liquidlogic go-live

Rochdale is the latest Council to take the Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System (EYES) live. This replaces the Council’s previous education management system from Capita and adds to the Liquidlogic children’s, early help and adults’ case management solution already in place at Rochdale.

Speaking about the implementation, Scott Moseley, MIS Portfolio Manager at Rochdale Council says: “We selected Liquidlogic EYES to facilitate further joint working across all partners, make information sharing simpler and rationalise suppliers. Liquidlogic has worked well with the team here to make sure that our go-live was to plan and on budget. Working across one platform will bring many benefits including a reduction in recording time as relevant information is recorded once and used multiple times, meaning the need to log into multiple systems will become a thing of the past.”

Commenting on Rochdale’s EYES go-live, David Grigsby, Managing Director of Liquidlogic says: “Rochdale went to tender with specific objectives; to provide practitioners at the Council with one view of a child and to consolidate platforms. The Council has taken EYES live, including admissions.

Crucially, EYES demands less resource to support and maintain which Councils are increasingly seeking to achieve with ongoing budget cuts. We are very pleased with the momentum that we are seeing within the education sector currently.”