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EYES: National offer day successful

Last week’s national offer day for primary schools saw the Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System (EYES) used to make offers to over 6,000 pupils throughout the Bristol and Hartlepool regions.

Speaking about national offer day, David Grigsby, Managing Director at Liquidlogic comments: “This is not the first national offer day that we have supported our EYES customers with, so we knew that the software would perform. The process was efficient, accurate and without delays. National offer day is a key time in the calendar of many Councils and the families within their region and we are delighted to have played a vital role in this process. As EYES continues to grow, we look forward to supporting an even greater number of Councils.”   

Sean Wyartt, Business Change Manager, Bristol City Council, says: “National offer day is an incredibly important date for us. We need to be sure that our system supports us to communicate offers efficiently, securely and accurately. Liquidlogic EYES has supported us in doing that for two years now.”

Speaking about national offer day at Hartlepool Council, a Council spokesperson states: “This is a key date for us and is so important to the families and schools in our region. Both the applications process and national offer day, with the support of EYES was a success.” Liquidlogic EYES replaces Capita One at Hartlepool Council.

In addition to this, figures provided by Liquidlogic show that the vast majority of applications for primary school places were made online. The two early adopters of EYES, Bristol City Council and Hartlepool Borough Council, reported online applications of 96% and 87% respectively.