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East Ayrshire Council puts Liquidlogic on the Scottish Map

Liquidlogic has seen its first go-live in Scotland. The Health and Social Care Partnership at East Ayrshire Council went live with the Liquidlogic Children’s and Adults’ platform - including Community Justice, following a carefully planned implementation project.

Speaking about the go-live, Fiona McDonald, Management Information System Project Manager at East Ayrshire Council says:

“There has been a real drive to get the Liquidlogic system live here. From the outset, staff recognised the huge benefits that Liquidlogic would bring, not least saving time by having an ‘at a glance’ view of children and families using Atom functionality and visibility of tasks with flags to highlight key information and alerts. Liquidlogic has worked tirelessly to make sure that we went live with a system which staff were confident with, keen to use and importantly is future proof. Liquidlogic has invested time on site and remotely to develop functionality which met our needs locally - this includes functionality for community justice, which we are also live with. We are looking forward to taking advantage of the added functionality and time savings that Liquidlogic will inevitably bring.”

Speaking about the go-live, David Grigsby, Managing Director at Liquidlogic says: “It has been a pleasure to implement Liquidlogic at East Ayrshire. The Council has worked hard and been focussed on making sure that the system was configured to their ways of working to ensure maximum efficiency savings. This work will support frontline staff with both decision making and ensuring that information is used intelligently, by inputting once and using many times. Ultimately, this will free up social workers to spend more time with the vulnerable adults, children and families who they support. This go-live marks Liquidlogic’s footprint in Scotland, where there is an appetite for innovation and change in technology platforms.”

Press contact Melanie Holmes, Director of Marketing & Communications at Liquidlogic.