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Derby City Selects Liquidlogic's Social Care Systems

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Derby City Council has selected Liquidlogic’s Adults’ and Children’s Social Care systems and its Early Help module to replace its current legacy IT system. The integrated, web based systems will not only help Derby City Council improve the efficiency in the way it currently provides social care services, freeing up time for users to provide frontline services in the field, but they also support the council’s wider initiatives to enable flexible working and its personalisation agenda. Personalised services will also be available to Derby’s adult clients through Liquidlogic’s customer portal. 

André Mostert, IT System Replacement Project Manager, Derby City Council, says: “Our previous system was no longer capable of doing what we wanted it to do. It was no longer fulfilling our requirements and had become more of a recording system rather than facilitating our users. We initially went out to market looking for systems that were much more user-friendly and intuitive, and would support our users in providing excellent social care services.”

Whilst the council did not set out to purchase an integrated solution, in reviewing the available systems on the market, Derby City Council Adults’ social care team soon recognised the flexibility of the Liquidlogic system and the benefits that could be achieved through integration with the financial solution, in terms of supporting users on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, the additional functionality, such as the customer portal and fact that Liquidlogic is a web-based solution, offered significant additional benefits that were in line with the council’s wider objectives of supporting more flexible working and its personalisation agenda.

André Mostert explains: “The Adults’ and Children’s care teams set out with two separate specifications, but the Adults’ team very quickly settled on Liquidlogic. When we looked at the additional functionality, combined with the overall user-friendliness and intuitive nature of Liquidlogic, it made the decision to go for an integrated solution really quite straightforward.

“Liquidlogic will not only help us deliver more efficient and effective frontline services to our clients, but it really has the backing of users in both teams because it will give us the opportunity to really change how we work, and spend more time in the field providing care, which ultimately is the core objective.”

Derby City Council is currently undertaking its ‘work style project’, with the objective of bringing more flexible working to employees. This includes working from home, hot desking and mobile working options – all of which Liquidlogic can support.

“Previously, staff had to be office based working on desktop computers to input information, or working with paper in the field,” André says. “With Liquidlogic, users can input information through mobile devices any time, from anywhere. This offers clear efficiency improvements, but it also has a positive impact on employee satisfaction.”

Derby City Council is currently working with Liquidlogic to scope the project and the data migration exercise, and is expecting to do live on both systems in April 2015.

André Mostert concludes: “Liquidlogic offers the capabilities that support our vision and strategy with rich levels of functionality. The benefits the Liquidlogic solution will enable are significant. It is about giving people the information they need, when and where they need it. This applies to our staff, as well as the vulnerable adults and children that we serve. This in turn will assist the innovations needed to improve the care pathway in the community.”