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Care Bill Event Success

Liquidlogic and OCC jointly hosted an event today at the King’s Fund focusing on the forthcoming Care Bill and its implications for Adults’ Social Care services.  Over 150 delegates from local authorities were in attendance. They were joined by speakers such as Dr Glen Mason, Director of People, Communities and Local Government, at the Department of Health, and representatives from ADASS and the West London Alliance.

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There was a particular focus on self-service as a manageable means of meeting the additional burden that Care Accounts are forecast to create. Liquidlogic and OCC unveiled their new ‘Liquidlogic Autonomy’ solution.  

liquidlogic autonomy one line website

Liquidlogic Autonomy enables service users, both self-funders and Council funded, to manage their care on line and their interactions with the Council and their providers on line. It also enables care accounts to be established, managed and monitored via an online account. 

David Grigsby, Director of Liquidlogic, comments: “We see the Care Bill as catalyst for progress in this respect, partly because the requirements of the Care Bill could significantly increase the casework burden as self-funders enter the system and require an assessment, a virtual personal budget, and a Care Account. Social Services don’t have spare capacity for this, so an efficient means of managing this intake will be required and we believe this could lead to the next evolution of service delivery, and IT, in Social Care.”

Delegates at the event worked through a number of scenarios of self-service and explored the use of IT to support this.

Dr Glen Mason from the Department of Health explained that the Department wants people to have greater involvement and control over their care; individuals and carers to have greater access to information and advice and people should only need to tell their story once and for there to be smooth transitions.

Dr Mason also set out his view of technology being an enabler to wider reforms, helping local health and care systems:

  • Deliver higher quality
  • Manage demand
  • Support efficiencies
  • Encourage innovation

Feedback from delegates has been very positive: 

“It’s been an excellent day with a great deal of information to think about, thank you!”

“I found the day very useful & informative.”

“Thanks Liquidlogic, Autonomy looks very intuitive and user friendly. A very clear demo.”