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Adapting to keep projects on track

Classroom training, meetings with project managers and configuration workshops with product analysts; all standard on the run up to a Liquidlogic go-live. However, these are far from ‘standard times’. Councils have instructed social care project teams to work remotely from home, this too is mirrored in the Liquidlogic team. With this in mind, can Councils really expect to take their brand new systems live as planned or even continue with other projects in a business as usual way?

Tameside Council

Tameside Council recently opted to undertake remote as an alternative to classroom-based training. Commenting on this, Scott Chapman, Senior Systems Officer at the Council says: 

“The Remote training offered by Liquidlogic for Systems Administration was highly effective and well received by all members of the team. Aside from the reduced environmental impact, the training covered all areas and enabled delegates to focus. Technology enhanced the experience and meant that delegates were able to work at their own pace.”

Wakefield Council

In addition to this, staff at Wakefield Council have embraced different ways of working in order to keep go-live project plans on track. Steve Cross, Senior Project & Programme Manager at the Council says:

“We are keen to stick to our go-live plan at Wakefield Council and like everyone, had concerns that this could have been disrupted by recent events. However, Liquidlogic has been creative and flexible in the way that they are delivering familiarisation sessions online to us, which means that we can remain on track.

Staff were happy to use their own personal equipment and connected remotely from home, which ensured that the Council network was reserved for vital day to day operations. Sessions went really well and this is working as an alternative to face to face. The sound and video were really great. Many thanks and well done!”

Liquidlogic is able and committed to continuing with all projects to ensure that customers are able to adhere to original go-live and upgrade timescales. This has already been demonstrated with the use of tele and video conferencing, which is enabling activities to continue running smoothly.