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Liquidlogic Wins a Raft of New Local Authority Customers

Liquidlogic continues on a steady growth path with a number of new customer wins for its Children’s and Adults Social Care Systems.

Further strengthening its position as the largest providerof social care systems, Liquidlogic is looking forward to working closely withthe 11 new Local Authorities to personalise their systems prior toimplementation.

Every Authority has a different geography and demographic tocater for, so each implementation will be varied and challenging in its ownright.

For North Yorkshire County Council, the Liquidlogic Adults’Social Care system will deliver superior functionality, including mobileworking, safeguarding recording, citizen and provider direct access and fullfinancial capabilities.

Debbie Hogg, Assistant Director, Resources at NorthYorkshire says: “we evaluated a number of systems but found that Liquidlogic’ssolution was innovative, intuitive and user-friendly and was widely praised bythe operational staff who attended the demonstrations. We intend to implementmobile working as standard, enabling practitioners to work securely andremotely on the live system – vital given our rurality and the fact that we areEngland’s largest County.”

The Liquidlogic Adults’ Social Care system will be linked tothe existing Children’s system via an Integration Hub to enable secure shared viewsand links between the two.

For the London Borough of Croydon, Liquidlogic’s Children’sSocial Care system will be hosted by McKesson and provided via a Software-as-a-Servicemodel. For the 450 children’s social care practitioners and finance staff, itwas a priority that staff were able to access a secure web-based solution whenand where it suited them. The Borough wanted to ensure that the technology wouldfacilitate decision making and allow the practitioners to be as effective andsupportive as possible.

Such a diverse new customer base is certainly going to keep thegrowing development teams at Liquidlogic on their toes.


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