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Keeping up the Momentum: first half of 2018 sees nine Councils take Liquidlogic live

Winning more open tenders than any other supplier in the market, the past few years have been busy for Liquidlogic. The company has seen success across the board with its adults, children’s, early help, and education systems and has added to its customer base by winning 12 tenders in the last financial year.

Councils that have taken Liquidlogic systems live since January include North Tyneside, Sheffield, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, Southend, Hartlepool, Sunderland, Norfolk, Knowsley, and Hull.

Speaking about the go-lives, David Grigsby, Managing Director of Liquidlogic says: “We are always delighted to be selected after a tender process, but we are sensitive to the fact that we must also maintain capacity and the ability to meet customer timescales.

Two factors have assisted with our go-lives this year. One is that we have had a rolling recruitment programme to ensure that we have the staff numbers and skills to deal with an expanding customer base, and the other is that with each goes live our experiences help to improve our efficiency. We typically take a new customer live every month. We have been running at this level for the last few years, as councils have moved away from legacy suppliers. We are looking forward to taking a similar number of systems live in the remainder of 2018.”

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