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Liquidlogic Workspaces enable our systems to be extended to meet future requirements – even ones which haven’t been considered.

One of the frustrating aspects of traditional systems has been their closely-defined nature – traditional IT systems simply do what their original specification defined and when users request additional functionality, all too often they are met with ‘the computer says no’ responses.

Liquidlogic wanted to turn this approach on its head, so has developed a ‘toolset’ to create specific areas for recording supported by workflow which can be adapted and flexed to meet local requirements. These areas are called Workspaces, they are defined by customers and are incredibly flexible. Workspaces make Liquidlogic solutions extensible - the system design can be developed as requirements change and new ways of working evolve.

Examples of workspaces that customers have built include legal, post adoption, occupational therapy, pre-school support service, staff supervision and adults HIV secure area.

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