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Troubled Families

The Government’s extended criteria for Troubled Families has created an additional demand around recording and reporting. In order to deal with these changes, Liquidlogic has further developed its Troubled Families solution. The solution will load, match and report on information from a variety of third party sources, and use this data in case management for Troubled Families work across all Liquidlogic systems.

All data from contributing systems such as Police, Education, Youth Offending, etc. is loaded into the Liquidlogic SingleView product through an import mechanism. SingleView will help match and identify families who breach the Troubled Family indicators. The pertinent data about these families will then be available as a ‘custom control’ or data set that can be embedded, used and updated across all Liquidlogic applications. Both Adults’ and Children’s Professionals with relevant access to any of the Liquidlogic systems will have the ability to view the Troubled Family’s data and contribute to the plan. Going forward, any updates to the plan will be visible in all Liquidlogic systems.

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