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Signs of Safety

Signs of Safety™ is a well-recognised whole system model of delivering social work and early help interventions to support children and families.  Founded in Australia, the model has gained momentum in the UK as a result of DfE innovation funding.  

Liquidlogic’s accredited Signs of Safety solution, configured into the existing EHM and LCS solutions, includes forms and templates which Signs of Safety has developed over many years.  In addition, the solution comes with specific tools to support organisations in ensuring that compliance with the model reaches beyond the work with families and also covers issues such as case management supervision, performance dashboards and collaborative case file auditing.

The configuration covers Signs of Well-being (Early Help), Signs of Safety (Child in Need and Child Protection), through to Signs of Success (Looked after Children and Care Leavers).

Dr Andrew Turnell, co-founder and author of the Signs of Safety Model told delegates at the Liquidlogic launch event:

“Munro, Turnell and Murphy and the Signs of Safety community of agencies are working hard to reclaim UK children services practice as a human practice. To achieve this the practice approach has to be reflected in the IT system and it is exciting to see our methodology reflected in the Liquidlogic product and we are looking forward to a long development partnership with them.”

Ida Cohen, Senior Consultant (Social Work Practice Lead) at Liquidlogic comments:

“Liquidlogic has a long history of developing software solutions that support practitioners in their day to day practice across Early Help and Children’s Social Care.  With 50% of the UK’s children’s social care services using our systems, we found an increasing number of our customers who had either fully or partially embedded Signs of Safety into their day to day practice and were looking for ways for their systems to better support their practice model.

I know from personal experience of using the Liquidlogic system how important it is that your system reflects how you practice and how helpful it is when the two are in synch with one another. That is what we have done through our partnership approach with Signs of Safety and I am delighted with the result.  Customers who choose to take up our offer will benefit from a product that will continue to evolve. Signs of Safety is an evolving model of practice just like our products evolve through innovation.”

Liquidlogic is pleased to offer their Signs of Safety Accredited System to Local Authority Early Help and Social Care Services. The system is designed to ensure practitioners use up to date practice methodologies approved by Signs of Safety.

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