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Liquidlogic Tiles

Available to all users, Liquidlogic Tiles presents an at-a-glance summary of caseload information. Tiles are configurable, meaning that
users can add or remove information which is pertinent to their role. Tiles can also be customised, resized and moved around by the user.

Users can click on individual tiles to view them in full-screen mode, allowing them to view even more information than is available in
a small box.

Some examples of the information that can be shown via tiles include:

  • Last Viewed/Updated: largely lists or records/forms that have been recently viewed or updated, allowing workers to keep track of
    recent work and click on links to return to the same record/form.
  • Case Allocation: simple lists showing the children allocated to the worker, or to each worker in the manager’s team.
  • Tasks and Notifications: although the task list exists separately, these tiles allow for separation of tasks into different areas. There is also a summary tile showing the number of tasks that are overdue. Managers have a separate tile that show the number of tasks due/ overdue for each of their workers.
  • Meetings: separate tiles are available for meetings that workers need to organise or attend in order to minimise drift.


Liquidlogic Dashboards

Similar to Tiles and available across all Liquidlogic applications, Dashboards display information graphically as well as drilldowns across the service, as opposed to individual workers/teams.

Each chart can be expanded to show further information, with additional filters and drilldowns.

Councils have the ability to restrict/permit access to the dashboard reports to different users depending on their requirements.

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