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The Problem

Social workers need contributions from external professionals in assessments and plans. This can occur in social care work and also in Early Help, EHCP, MASH, CAF, DOLS etc.

It can be difficult to persuade external professionals to directly use social care software for these contributions, especially as they would be infrequent users. The overhead associated with giving them a log on and training is also a barrier.

So, their contributions are often gathered verbally and input manually by the social worker (which means their accuracy is sometimes questioned), or they send in paper forms or use emails which are then attached to the record; both of which are inefficient and affect data integrity for the record. 

The Solution

The Delegation Portal offers the following:

  • Social workers can delegate forms or parts of forms to external professionals in the normal way in Liquidlogic
  • The external professional receives an e-mail which contains a link; by clicking this link they are presented with the questions they need to answer on a secure web page
  • They answer these and click submit
  • Their answers are received back in the Liquidlogic application.

Within any form there is clear labelling as to who answered which questions.

Social workers can control the delegated questions, with the ability to pull them back or send reminders to external professionals to fill them in.

The Delegation Portal enables multi-agency contributions to be made directly into the Liquidlogic systems in a manageable and secure way.

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