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Liquidlogic Integrated Finance Technology (LIFT)

The Liquidlogic Integrated Finance Technology (LIFT) module has been designed to support users across the entire Liquidlogic Children’s platform, enabling the true costs associated with a child and family to be understood.

Designed by social care and children’s services finance experts, LIFT controls payments and budgets, ensuring maximum transparency whilst providing a high-level of financial configuration to cater for the range of services commissioned by the local authority.

The LIFT module is built on the same intuitive platform as the Liquidlogic Children’s Social Care System (LCS), Early Years & Education System (EYES) and the Early Help Module (EHM). It is fully integrated and provides key benefits such as single login access, familiar workflow processes, and a one financial view of a child across the portfolio, both from a practice and financial perspective.

An Integrated Gateway to Finance

Liquidlogic’s integrated finance hub within the children’s platform is consistently accessed  via the main screen for each person.

The finance hub presents details of all services and the associated costs that have been provisioned for a child across all Liquidlogic modules. These views are fully configurable with a range of detailed permissions set within the system, providing a holistic picture of the complete range of all services provisioned to each child across the Liquidlogic platform.

LIFT simplifies the configuration and working practices with the following features:


> A recognisable user interface for Liquidlogic case management system users

> Familiar workflow processes

> Provides seamless access to crucial financial information for social care teams

> Reduces bureaucracy and saves time

> Improved oversight for services and costs across the Liquidlogic Children’s platform

> Ability to see the cost of services for child and related siblings / relationships

> Supports case management decision making


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