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Child Protection - Information Sharing


Liquidlogic was the first supplier to gain official accreditation from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) for their end to end integration testing of the Child Protection-Information Sharing (CP-IS) solution.

The CP-IS solution enables the sharing of child protection information from local authorities to the NHS with a return message indicating when a child has been seen in an unscheduled care setting, such as emergency departments/A&E, walk-in centres, minor injury units, maternity Units, ambulance, GP out of hours and paediatric wards.

How does it work?

On presenting at an unscheduled care setting, the child’s NHS number is used to query the Child Protection – Information Sharing system. All information is stored securely in the NHS spine. This information is then shared with the relevant social care team, where appropriate, and used when intervention is deemed necessary.

Liquidlogic has enhanced its LCS application to enable files to be generated and passed to CP-IS This is based on the Demographic Batch Service (DBS), with files picked up and dropped into a specified file location. The client uses Spine 2 to connect to the Health system, to ensure that data is accessed safely and securely. Liquidlogic has a long pedigree of seamless integration with Health systems, including extensive experience of integrating with the Spine.

All Liquidlogic children's customers use CP-IS, including Hertfordshire County Council. Speaking about the project Ian Anker, LCS Development Manager, Hertfordshire County Council comments:

“We are constantly pursuing ways to work together with health and other agencies to protect vulnerable children within the County, the Child Protection – Information Sharing initiative is supporting us in our efforts with this. In our experience, when a child is subject to a protection plan and suffering from regular episodes of physical abuse, treatment is often sought from this type of unscheduled health setting because traditionally it was difficult to trace, this will no longer be the case.  Since CP-IS has been introduced in Hertfordshire, the general feedback that we have had from our practitioners has been very positive.”

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