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Integration between Adults’ and Children’s Services

Liquidlogic has always recognised that adults' and children's services have their own specific and distinctive IT requirements. Equally there are areas where adults' and children's services overlap and need shared data and processes. For example, to facilitate family working or to manage a service user's transition from children's to adults' care.

For Local Authorities who use Liquidlogic in both services, users can access Children’s and Adults’ as one integrated solution if their profile permits this. Data and processes can be shared and customers can configure information flows and data views between Adults’ and Children’s according to local preferences.

Both modules of the solution have a common user interface and technical platform. This enables them to be supported by one team, whilst giving each service the freedom to pursue their own programme on software that is tailored for them. This approach recognises that children's and adults' social care are connected and similar, but also distinctive.

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