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Establishment Information 

EYES automatically imports registered establishment information from the Government website ‘Get Information about Schools’ (GIAS) - formerly known as ‘Edubase’, for use within education management processes. The user can notify registered establishments of any data discrepancies within EYES.

In addition to this, non-registered establishments can be added at a local level. School links, for example, informal partnership working, and additional units, such as breakfast clubs or ASD units, can be recorded.

Establishment records use the standard range of Liquidlogic case management tools such as forms, documents and case notes. Crucial information can be recorded and highlighted to alert other users. One example of this is where the Educational Psychology Service is supporting a school through a critical incident such as a pupil or staff death. Highlighting this information to other teams can aid decision making in areas such as individual attendance or behavioural issues.

Establishment records provide users with a separate view of pupils placed in Alternative Learning Provision and those pupils who are recorded as having Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Quick and easy access to this information enables services to monitor pupils at a lower level of need and implement a range of interventions to help prevent their needs from becoming more complex.

Importing Data

A variety of data sets can be imported into EYES, including: