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Early Years Module

The Liquidlogic Early Years module aims to tackle the complexities faced by Early Years services and providers and deliver a user-friendly, streamlined experience.

Early years funding is a valuable business area and requires dependable and trustworthy software, without which underspend or overspends can have a considerable impact. Early years funding systems manage both local authority and external early years providers' spend.

Liquidlogic provides a broad range of functionality as standard within the Early Years & Education System (EYES) along with accompanying Portals to support the local authority. Importantly, this software is also available to providers supporting them in making up-to-date and valid submissions for funding of all ages. By using an integrated and instant Eligibility Checker Service (ECS), providers and the local authority can make instant decisions on claims and providers are able to ensure that the type of funding is valid at the point of data entry and submission to the local authority.


Establishment Portal

Early Years providers can make use of an online portal to manage their ‘Live Register’ digitally via mobile devices or laptops to accurately record children in the 0-5 category who are starting or due to start in an early years setting, along with their funded/private (optional) hours. Providers are guided through a live registration form that validates the child's age and their entitlement. Taking this approach, providers can confidently and securely submit claims for funding via the Portal to the local authority with confidence that the claim is valid (subject to multiple claims from other providers).

All eligibility checks can be performed by the provider upfront before starting to confirm eligibility.

Reducing the Burden

With EYES and the Portal in place, the local authority can automatically receive funded hours claims for submission from providers, without the need for manual entry.

Local authorities can make swift and bulk decisions on funding submissions based on pre-validated claims and importantly, approve knowing that ECS checks have been carried out upon starting with the provider and submission to the local authority.

EYES highlights where multiple providers claim for the same child to prevent the risk of over-claims. When this occurs, the local authority is able to review the multiple claims side-by-side to determine with the providers where the funding should be delivered/confirmed.

Clear Communication

Approved submissions can be instantly notified to the provider via the Portal along with a remittance slip of the funding amounts approved.

Click here to read about Bristol City Council's use of the Liquidlogic Early Years module.

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