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Client Caseload Information System (CCIS)

What is CCIS?

There is a focus on ensuring that young people continue to make positive progress throughout their lives following secondary school. Liquidlogic EYES allows the local authority to track the learning participation of young people academic age 16/17 years, and up to 25 years where there is an EHCP in place. CCIS for youth services identifies young people of that academic age group with no active education or training placements or whose destination is unknown.

Liquidlogic utilises portal technology to collect joiners’ and leavers’ information from post-16 providers and to remind the agencies when information does not arrive on time. This ‘Professional Portal’ has many uses and can facilitate the submission of intended placements when young people reach year 11.

Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)

The module facilitates the recording of Risk of NEET Indicators (RONI) with young people to capture point-scoring against the RONI factors.

The Liquidlogic NEET management and profiling helps the team to identify individuals at risk of becoming NEET and case manage as they require. A suite of management reports helps the local authority to manage their responsibilities. EYES will support councils to produce the statutory Monthly NCCIS Management Information and Annual Activity return.

Meets NCCIS MI Requirements

The Liquidlogic CCIS system can work as a standalone product, integrated with LCS/EHM or as an integral part of the entire children’s platform including EYES. The Liquidlogic CCIS meets the statutory requirements for the Department for Education’s (DfE’s) monthly National Client Caseload Information System (NCCIS) return and annual activity survey. Bristol and Hartlepool Councils are successfully submitting Management Information (MI) returns to NCCIS. Liquidlogic validates data at the point of entry, minimising the need for data checking and error correction before the return is submitted. The Liquidlogic MI system does not require a separate programme, all information is taken from the main application.

Raising of the Participation Age (RPA) & September Guarantee

The Liquidlogic CCIS software system is fully compliant with requirements relating to raising of the participation age (RPA) and the September Guarantee. The solution also provides a range of flags and alerts enabling services to identify young people who do not meet the RPA requirements and those that are eligible for the September Guarantee.

Intended Destinations & the Annual Activity Survey

One of the largest single tasks for councils is tracking year 11 leavers. Liquidlogic provides local authorities with a number of tools to simplify this process. Functionality includes the ability to bulk update records, either directly through the CCIS module or via the Liquidlogic Portal – this can also be used to upload the intended destinations collected by schools for young people in year 11.


The Liquidlogic CCIS works seamlessly with the Liquidlogic Establishment Portal and facilitates a data file import. The portal supports a secure file upload of data, saving time with intended destinations and post-16 destination records for the Activity Survey.

Benefits of our Client Caseload Information System

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