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Attendance Profiling System Software

Pupil Tracking, Child Missing from Education & Pupils missing out on Education

The purpose of this work area is to track pupil attendance, identify and alert the local authority to pupils who are on (or off) roll with an establishment and have either been missing for a period of time or are not receiving the statutory 25 hours of education each week.

Pupil Tracking alerts the team when a pupil is on roll at a school but has not attended for a number of days. The criteria which is used to alert the team is locally configurable - for example ten consecutive unauthorised absence marks of O or N.

The local authority has the option to customise a variety of features such as alerts, workflow and case management options to monitor and manage these cases and support the school.

Most importantly, the Liquidlogic platform helps to prevent the most vulnerable of children from slipping through the net, by the sharing of flags to highlight vital information across services, without compromising on data security and sharing.

Absence Referral, Attendance Monitoring, Parental Responsibility Measures & Prosecutions

Schools can refer in via the portal for those pupils who are persistent absentees or have unauthorised absences requiring further intervention. Education Welfare Officers (EWO) are able to monitor absences, implement parental responsibility measures, record the issuing of penalty notices and monitor the payments, or progress a case to prosecution at any stage in the process.

Education Welfare Teams can proactively manage persistently absent pupils by generating a report on an establishment to identify pupils with poor attendance. These cases can then be discussed with the school and updated all in one system, reducing the volume of data inputting whilst maintaining data security.

Education Welfare Officers have access to the standard suite of case management tools within this workflow and can view the interventions of other services, subject to access control.

Customers can manage this service to schools by using the Liquidlogic Service Contract functionality where a traded service exists.

Exclusions, Reinstatements & Alternative Provision (AP)

Liquidlogic EYES supports the local authority in its obligation to provide education in school or via alternative provision. EYES flags the exclusions recorded on pupils by the school, such as fixed term, lunchtime or permanent.

This work area enables the customer to record negotiated transfers between schools, manage pupils at risk of permanent exclusion and those who have been permanently excluded. There are a variety of alerts (i.e. 6th day excluded), notifications and case work options, such as ‘managed moves’ and panel functionality to assist users in managing these cases more effectively.

Pupils placed into alternative learning provision can be case managed by the local authority if required.

Placement requests can be logged, and proposed start dates recorded - actual start dates will be received via Groupcall and imported into EYES.

EYES will issue an alert for cases where a proposed start date has passed and no attendance data has been received. This will assist local authorities in monitoring funded placements. Where pupils are dual registered, the AP attendance data can be shared with the school to support them in the safeguarding of their enrolled pupils.

The AP Census return is incorporated into this work area. Shared flags across the platform, such as EHCP, SEN Support, Child Looked After or Child in Need, can aid decision making when professionals are looking at any underlying issues which may be related to exclusions.

School exclusions in England are estimated to cost £370,000 per child over their lifetime due to poorer outcomes [1]. Research shows that the majority of the prison population were excluded from school and most children attending a Pupil Referral Unit have unresolved trauma issues requiring intervention and therapies.

Educational Psychology & Specialist Support Services

The ‘customer defined workflow’ tool which is unique to Liquidlogic has been further developed for EYES. One area where this tool can support customers to configure bespoke workflow is within Educational Psychology and Specialist Support services.

There are a number of workflow templates available along with customisable flags and icons and the ability to ‘copy’ pieces of work from one episode to another, concerning both pupils and establishments. This functionality is particularly useful in Educational Psychology teams, where reports can be notoriously lengthy.

Benefits include the reduction of duplicate data inputting when working across groups. Liquidlogic’s customer designed forms functionality allows users to capture vital information for strategic and resource planning such as ‘provision mapping’.