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Real-Time Attendance Data System Software

By partnering with Groupcall, Liquidlogic can make pupil attendance data available on a ‘real-time’ and automated basis. Manual batch importing of data can also be performed routinely according to local preferences.

Users can navigate to a pupil record and view attendance across related pupils even those attending different schools. The attendance overview at a child level enables professionals to identify patterns and trends in absences or late marks, during their day-to-day work without the need for reports.

The system displays percentage attendance as well as the number of sessions and also indicates where marks are missing.

Users can access the enrolment dashboard from an establishment level for an overview of students, their current attendance (% and sessions), and other key characteristics such as SEN Provision and Needs, Exclusions and Free School Meals eligibility providing a dynamic reporting tool that can be used by services such as Educational Psychology (who may want to monitor children receiving SEN Support) and Attendance teams who may want to track pupils who are persistent absentees.